Appalachian Vintner is a family owned fine wine & craft beer store, managed by brothers Charles & Geoff Alexander. The shop is located in Asheville, a bohemian haunt in the far Western reaches of the North Carolina mountains. The company supports local, organic and sustainable products, produced by small family owned businesses. We source the finest local, regional and global fine wine & craft beer available.

Our business was born of a love for the mountains of North Carolina, fine wine, craft beer and a desire to provide world-class service to the people that make Asheville their home and to those that choose to visit here. We feel with out a doubt that our location, inventory and the intimate approach we take to customer service makes us one of the best wine & beer stores in the Asheville area.

We opened our store in late 2008 in the middle of the biggest slowdown in the American economy since the Great Depression.  Our first location was renovated 100% by our partners and friends. The paint, floors, sale system…. everything was either handled internally or sourced locally. Looking back, opening in this type of business climate was in itself a great catalyst in the focus of our company.  Isolating amazing brands and selling them at great price points became immediately important. This is something that we continue to do today. We wade through the sea of commercial, over-processed and promoted brands to find the absolute best to offer to you.

We were raised by blue-collar hard working parents. Business, particularly the service industry, is in our blood, we’ve learned how to treat guests through generations of entrepreneurs. We are not here to sell you wine & beer, we are here to help you find the products that you are looking for.  Join us, you’ll be happy you did.

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